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Tail Waggin Travel Tips

Safety Scoop

Safety First!

Taking your furry 4 legged buddy along on a vacation can be fun for all, especially your dog, if you prepare correctly. Here are some helpful tips to make your trip, whether it is a short jaunt or an extended journey, a safe and enjoyable one for both you and your dog.

  1.  NEVER EVER leave your dog in the car unattended, even for a few minutes. Even with windows partially rolled down, temperatures can rise to 160 degrees rapidly leading to an overheated dog, causing death. In some states it is against the law to leave a pet in a car and you can be fined and even arrested for cruelty to animals.
  2.  Make sure you have the identification tags on a small, strong ring secured to the collar. You may want to consider having the tag include information such as your dogs name, your name, and your cell phone number.
  3.  Your dog should be Micro-chipped in the event that your dog escapes from you on your trip.
  4.  When you are not near home bring a picture of your dog in case your dog somehow runs off. Bring along a picture that shows you and the family with your dog in case if you need to prove that the dog is yours.
  5.  Be very careful and do not allow your dog to run free at a rest stop unless you know the area is completely fenced. A dog can easily get lost, run into traffic or chase another animal.
  6.  Letting your dog stick his/her head out the window can lead to eye or ear injuries. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation in the back and if you do leave your window rolled down try attaching a window screen.  This will allow your dog to feel the wind in his face without his head out the window.
  7.  Remember to check your dog after returning from a day of activities especially if you have been hiking. Check for ticks, scrapes, pad injuries etc.
  8.  Only let your dog eat small amounts of food and water don't allow them overeat or drink while in the car. Reserve your pet's main meal for the end of the trip.