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Gearing Up

Gearing Up Home

A dog's love is unconditional therefore we enjoy spoiling our dogs.

Looking for a certain product for your 4-legged buddy? Here you will find a dog product that is perfect for you and for your dog to bark about.

Purchase your Pooch Perfect Pawducts here.  5% of our profits will be donated to our chairtable partners.

Bella & Bubba's Favorite Things!

Red Kongs & Tennis Balls and stuffed animals that make noise, Frosty Paws & Bully Sticks and all kinds of toys, Treats & Packages tide up in string, These are a few of Bella & Bubba's favorite things!

Canine Comforts... stuff for home

Our dogs are our family and we are a bit obsessed with finding the perfect dog products that fit into our home and lifestyle. Look here for all the Canine Comforts you could ever want for your dog.

Delve Into Dog Books

Wagging tails, wet noses and sloppy kisses are great, but we can learn more about our wonderful fascinating companions, with books & guides to enhance our understanding.

Haute Dog Couture

Unleashed fashion for Fido. All the newest designs you and your dog want. Shop for everything from chic dog collars to the latest in leashes to holiday dog apparel and trendy dog parent accessories.

Ruffin' It Gear

Dog friendly hotels are nice however, sometimes it is more fun to "ruff" it. Find the latest gear that will protect and enhance your dog's adventure and make your life easier.

Pet Paraphernalia

After you arranged for your pet to have a comfy place to sleep, there are oodles of pet paraphernalia such as dog bowls, collars, leashes & toys for our pets to enjoy. Try these great ideas.

Special Needs

Special need pets sometime offer extraordinary challenges. Looking for unique products to help special need dogs hopefully, you will find help here.

Travel Tools & Essentials

We have found traveling with our dogs to be a rewarding experience. If we keep some of these important travel essentials on hand your travels will be trouble free.

Feline Friends

Is your feline fussy, fastidious and finicky? Find purr-fect products to pamper cats and their humans. It's the ideal time to shop for fun functional items for your special kitty.

Amazing, New, Latest & Greatest Dog Products

Here are some of the amazing new, latest & greatest dog products out just in time holiday gift giving. From earth friendly dog beds to tasty treats to fun dog toys to the best dog supplies.

Thanksgiving Dog Toys & Treats

Say Happy Thanksgiving to the dog who adores you. Show you are thankful to the dog that warm my heart and constantly lets you know that you are the most important person in the world.

Christmas Gifts for your Dog

Find the perfect Christmas gifts that dogs love such as dog toys, yummy dog treats and Christmas wear. Special holiday-themed decorative items for around the home for dog lovers.

Holiday All Year Round

Every day is a Holiday to your dog.