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Dog Park Politeness

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When bringing your dog into a dog park there are basic guidelines that need to be followed. Dog parks are an opportunity for your dog to enjoy what we call Doggy Disneyland and have those “Magical Moments” while getting exercise and social and mental stimulation; plus it is a fun way for us to meet dog friendly people.



  1.  The #1 rule at dog parks is CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PET. Nothing is worse then not keeping an eye on your pet and having them leave an unwanted landmine for someone to step in. Make sure to bring bags or pooper scoopers to pick up the mess your dog leaves.
  2.  Although more and more dog parks have water foundations, some even designed for dogs, not all do, so make sure to bring water. Running around and playing makes for a thirsty pet. Dogs can get dehydrated which can lead to a very sick dog or even cause death.
  3.  If your dog gets aggressive or uncomfortable remove your pet from the park immediately.
  4.  Pay attention to your dog. Although this is a good time to interact with other dog owners, you should be able to correct your dog or respond in an emergency immediately
  5.  Balls are great at dogs parks but bringing your dogs favorite toy can trigger a fight. Only bring balls that your dog is willing to share with other dogs.
  6.  Make sure your dog is licensed with tags on collar and has all of its vaccinations up to date.
  7.  Interrupt rough play. Bella and Bubba love each other but they can occasionally play rough with each other, we know it is just playing but, because of their sizes it can scare not only other owners at the park but other dogs. Rough play can also start fights so please supervise your dog.
  8.  Follow the parks rules. Every park is different so read the signs when first entering and follow their rules.
  9.  Holes dug by your dog should be filled by you.
  10.  For gated parks remember to ALWAYS shut the gate behind you.
  11.  Above all have fun, this is the time to spend that quality time with your “baby.”