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Bone Appettit

Great news- many restaurants have become "dog friendly restaurants" and started to cater to our dogs, and we get to enjoy the benefit of dining with our four legged buddies. We have seen restaurants pamper our dogs with water bowls, specialized menus and gourmet treats. Restaurant are going the extra mile, so let's take a little time to help make sure the experience is not only good for our dogs,  but the restaurant owners and the patrons around us. Remember one untrained dog or careless owner can cause a restaurant to take down the Pets Welcome sign.




  1.  Sit away from people, ask to be place in corners. Remember even though your pet is part of your family there are still those individuals who are not used to seeing dogs at restaurants. This even applies to outdoor patios.
  2.  Keep your dog close. Your dog shouldn't be walking around, no matter how well trained keep your pet on a leash and near your table or chair.
  3.  Make sure other diners have a clear path to walk around your dog or the waitress doesn't have to do a balancing act with a tray full of drinks to step over your pup.
  4.  Bring a portable water/food bowl. More and more restaurants have bowls for pets but it is not always a guarantee. Make sure your dog has his/her own bowl, they shouldn't be eating off your plate or drinking out of your glass.
  5.  Exercise your dog before going to dine. A worn out dog is more likely to relax while you dine.
  6.  If your dog isn't the kind to just sit or lie down next to you waiting till you are finished, bring a toy/bone/treat to entertain him/her.
  7.  If you decide to secure your dog's leash to something remember do not secure to a table leg. If the dogs suddenly decides to move there goes the table.
  8.  Even though your dog has the cutest puppy eyes, he/she shouldn't be begging for food from your table or any table.
  9.  Take your dog for a walk to relieve himself/herself before you sit down. It is not very sightly or appealing for other diners if your dog suddenly relieves itself at the restaurant (yes even a fast food restaurant). If this does occur CLEAN UP after your pet IMMEDIATELY.
  10.  Remember placing your dog on the table is unhealthy and inconsiderate.
  11.  Even the best well behave dogs have an off day. If your dog is getting stressed out or causes a disturbance, pay your bill and leave. You can always ask for a to go box if your haven't finished your meal.
  12.  Regardless if you had to leave quickly or you enjoyed a wonderful meal with your dog, remember to leave a nice tip for the friendly reception and treatment of you and your 4 legged companion.
  13.  Finally, like we stated in tip # 1, not everyone loves dogs. If someone complains about your pet move to another table further away, don't be defensive or feel insulted, just be courteous. Bringing your dog to a restaurant is not a right, it is a privilege. The best compliment you can receive is when someone says to you- I didn't even realize you had a dog here.