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The Bow Wow Factor!

DAWGS® attracts an audience of active dog owners who have the desire and motivation to buy products to enrich the lives of their beloved pet. These groups of individuals spend almost twice the national average on pet related products and services.


Follow the pack and capture dog lover’s attention by being…

where the DAWGS are.


Thank you for your interest in advertising or sponsorships on our website. At this time we are not yet entertaining advertisers or sponsors.


Our goal today is to build a quality website and deliver incredible information to our loyal followers. The advertising we will be doing in the future on this site will be high quality companies, brands and products we believe will add value for our followers and their beloved pets.


If you are a company that offers a product or products that is affordable, safe and reliable …we invite you to use the contact form and let us know of your interest.


Our focus is on building powerful relationships, with high-quality companies and brands. As our website grows our business, we will be able to offer you a quality place to promote your company and products. If in the future we do business together it is our intent to help you get incredible results. Thank you again for your interest, please click here and provide us your company’s information so that we may contact you when we are ready to accept advertisers.